Progressive Hungary Foundation presents executive summaries of its papers (2019/20) in English

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We proudly present the executive summaries of our four papers in English what we’ve published in 2019 and 2020 in Hungarian.

In 2019 we presented a study about the chances of local housing policies in Hungary, and another paper about how local governments can help elders with caring / elderly policies. Both studies were created and published in a partnership with Frederich Ebert Foundation Budapest Office.

Our papers in 2019 are:

Márton Czirfusz: Housing challenges and their solutions – The role of local governments in Hungary (FES-MMAA 2019)
(You can download the 10 pages long English version from here)
Tamás Molnár – Ágota Scharle – Endre Tóth – Balázs Váradi : What can local governments do for the elderly? (FES-MMAA 2019)

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In February of 2020 we published a paper about participatory budgeting working with Friedrich Ebert Foundation and in September we finished our basic income study: Basic Income 2021: road to safety! as our own project.

Our papers in 2020 are:

Miklós Merényi: Participatory budgeting in local governments (FES-MMAA, 2020)
Ferenc Büttl – Miklós Kis: Basic Income 2021: road to safety! (MMAA 2020)

Get the executive summaries by clicking the images on the left!

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